Violence and the Capitalist State

The capitalist state, by its very existence is extremely violent. It’s just that the violence perpetrated by the capitalist state is legalized and legitimized. Starvation, poverty, homelessness and want are all acts of violence carried out by the capitalist state against marginalized and oppressed peoples. When resources are allocated in such a way that we can have more than enough to feed, clothe, house and provide the basic necessities to every person who needs them but we end up with a small handful of people with the vast amount of wealth and power while huge segments of the population are destitute, that is violence.

Thus, revolutionary direct action against the capitalist state in the form of strikes, protests, riots and the like are merely means of self-defense against the excesses and violence of the capitalist state. By pushing the idea that change can only be done via capitalist electoral politics or that the only legitimate methods are means to destroy the threat that revolutionary, democratic mass movements pose to the capitalist state. Virtually every reformist socialist group that has accepted the constraints of capital have now themselves become the guardians of capital, becoming social democratic welfare capitalists at best and neoliberal laissez-faire capitalists or even reactionaries and fascists at worst. By having this veneer of “democracy”, capitalism can put a facade of legitimacy on its excesses. Electoral politics never succeeds in building long term mass, democratic movements and thus must be discarded.


Socialism and Feminism

Capitalism, as a whole, is inherently exploitative, authoritarian and dictatorial. If we are to dismantle patriarchy because it is an illegitimate hierarchy, it then follows that capitalism, as an economic system that is based on illegitimate hierarchy, must be dismantled. The idea that patriarchy can be dismantled from within or reformed out of existence plays out about as well as attempts to reform capitalism out of existence. Parties that sought to reform capitalism into socialism are now all neo-liberal, centrist parties that perpetuate the very system they sought to dismantle. Witness how quickly Syriza went along with austerity. Similarly with feminism, this lead to capitulation and the gradual but inevitable abandoning of what feminism is, which is primarily the liberation of women.

Essentially, what is needed the complete abolishing of patriarchy in all its forms. It is impossible to reconcile feminist goals with bourgeois society. A revolutionary change of society is needed to bring this into affect. We shouldn’t just aim to change the facade of patriarchal exploitation but to tear it down completely!

Deadly Political Ideas and Ideology

Ideas can be dangerous. Reactionary political ideologies and Fascism are two, broadly speaking, ideas that are really dangerous and have no place in society. These are actual dangerous ideas.

But Communism and Socialism are dangerous as well. They are dangerous to the ruling class and to landed, wealthy elite. They are dangerous to the oligarchs, dictators, monarchs and to the capitalist leaders that serve the interests of those that own the means of production, the factories, mines, farms, office buildings and businesses, the bourgeoisie. In capitalist societies, working people have to sell their labour to capitalists in order to survive and in the process of labour, produce products that have value. The surplus value of this is stolen by the owners and executives to enrich themsleves to the tune of millions of dollars while the workers who did the actual work get a pittance in the form of wages. And even that is not always the case. Billions of dollars in wages are stolen from working people every year through wage theft and in the United States, wage theft is the most pervasive form of theft, more so than “conventional” theft.

Socialism represents liberation for the working class from the chains of capitalist tyranny. Socialism represents the idea that we, the workers of the world, can democratically and equitably manage our workplaces without the dictatorship of the executives and the board. Socialism is freedom from the artificial hierarchy of class society, from hunger, poverty, starvation and homelessness. A Socialist society, is egalitarian and just. And this society cannot be built on the foundations of capitalism, which are exploitation, ruthless competition and oppression. We must start all over again, necessitating a complete, revolutionary overthrowing of the old and replacing it with the new. Capitalism is a shaky, crumbling structure, stretched to its limits by its inherent contradictions and crises. Simply painting the facade a new colour changes nothing. The fundamental mechanisms and institutions remain untouched. Only through demolishing this exploitative, oppressive, authoritarian, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ecocidal death machine and replacing it with socialism can we, as a species, create a more just, democratic, equitable society.

Why Must We Accept Communism?

Engels defined Communism as” the doctrine of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat” in the Principles of Communism. Building up on that, Communism is the end stage of Socialism, in which the state and money are abolished and all private property is commonly owned by the people. Socialism, and by extension, Communism are key in the liberation of the workers and toilers from exploitation and wage slavery. A socialist society is one liberated from the chains of poverty, discrimination, homelessness, bigotry and the ailments that plague capitalist societies. As such, Communism and Socialism can and should be accepted in order to further the liberation of the vast majority of the people.

That is why Communism must be accepted.

Liberals are fucking tiring

Liberals tire me.

They tire me with their desire to curry favour with reactionary and authoritarian power structures just for a fleeting chance to gain power for themselves.

They tire me when they co-opt the ideas of insurrectionary movements and implement half-assed, diluted versions that serve only for them to point at say that they “did” something.

They tire me when they stifle and gag genuine outrage and dissent because it might not be nice or because it might inconvenience some petty bourgeoisie fuck.

They tire me when they lecture marginalized and oppressed groups of all stripes, be it PoC, the poor, undocumented immigrants or MOGII people on what language they can use to appear “respectable” to the same oppressive power structures and groups and supress them and deny them basic rights.

They tire me with their naïve, idealistic optimism in bourgeois representative republics, thinking that if only we just vote hard enough or sign enough online petitions, we can someone, through our inaction, achieve real, lasting change.

They tire me when their naïve idealistic optimism results in real lasting harm and damage and propagates an oppressive, plutocratic, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic system of ownership that concentrates power and wealth in the hands of a miniscule few at the expense of the vast majority of the people because “it’s the best we have”.

They tire me when they see and opportunity to actually seize power through popular direct action, to make history and cement themselves as liberators, they throw that in the garbage and settle for giving each other metaphorical handjobs about how they’re so brave and standing up for democracy.

They tire me when they think that, in their naïve idealism, that there are “good” corporations that do “good” things and “bad “corporations and “bad” corporations that do “bad” things, never mind that for-profit corporations are all exploitative and all thrive on the exploitation on the working class, wage theft and the enriching of a small owner class through the labour of the working class.

They tire me by lecturing about the “evils of Socialism” using reactionary anti-communist material but ignore the millions that suffer from the detrimental effects of market capitalism. Starvation, easily preventable diseases, poverty and homelessness in capitalist society is caused by…something else.

And most of all, liberals tire me with their fake care and their fake claims about protecting the disenfranchised but when push turns to shove, they’re more than happy to back whoever the corporate plutocracy has already handpicked and are more than happy to defend their policies which uphold the neoliberal status quo.

In short, liberals fucking tire me and should be gulaged* ASAP.

* Only half joking 

Into the Ether

“IM TRANS!”, I scream silently. I scream it softly in my head. As it floats softly into the void of my thoughts.

“I’m trans”. I whisper quietly to myself. The words seep in to my psyche. It soaks in every crevice of my being. It is something I cannot escape no matter how hard I try. No matter how far I run, it surrounds me like a wall that’ll always remind me-

” I’m trans”.

Living in a transphobic society is difficult, more so when one is in deep cover. Transphobic jokes, hurtful and cruel, stab into the very heart of who you are. Turned from a living, breathing human being into some lifeless meat puppet used as the punchline to grotesque jokes and terrible insults. That is the reality of living while trans.

Shortest Update Ever

I am trans.

That felt strange to type. To see those letters line up in that particular arrangement. I definitely do not identify as cis but it has taken much time and soul-searching to finally accept this one singular truth. I have conversed with fellow trans people and they understand my anxiety. Growing up in a largely transphobic society, where trans people are not allowed to express who we are and strict, rigid gender norms and enforced by society, those of us who question our gender are forced to push those feelings aside, to shove them into the deepest, darkest parts of our brain so hat we can hopefully forget and be “normal”, to push away who we are.

I’m done pushing.  I am trans and I am proud to say that. That is who I am. With luck, I will bury my old life, bury my old name and bury everything everyone has ever thought of me. One day I can start therapy and one day I can start transitioning. One day.

I’m really starting to like “Lauren” as a name.