A Conscious Stream – Giving the poor cash

This will perhaps serve as the first of many posts. I’m yet unsure if I will continue this from here on if I will end this with this single solitary post. As the title suggests, this will be a stream of consciousness from the depths of my mind brain. I’ll mainly be speaking of whatevers on my mind at that moment and it could be incoherent in places and less than well thought out but hey that’s a stream of consciousness for you. 

I was listening to a podcast by Vox on the idea of universal basic income. The idea that everyone deserves a basic income to help get the bare necessities in life. It is a good stopgap measure IMO. Automation will see millions of jobs replaced and when we do live in a society when most of the drudge labour and manual work can be done automatically or by a bot, we should definitely share the fruits of society with those who are now out of work. But what really got my goat was there still seema to be toresistance  the idea of giving the poor money is somehow detrimental, that the poor will spend it “irresponsibly” on things that you or society deems unnecessary. It’s based on classist ideas that you must be exactly this rich to have autonomy on your decisions, that poor people must live in sackcloth and ash without even the barest of luxuries to make life slightly more bearable. That is the truth of life in capitalism. The poor living on scraps are vilified while the rich and wealthy living in mansions with their illgotten wealth are praised and venerated. 

Classism, racism and so many other forms of institutional oppression are present in our present society. Those of us who truly want social justice and freedom for oppressed and marginalized groups must be wary of and understand the ways capitalism builds structures of oppression and exploitation. Only through addressing the innately and inherently exploitative and oppressive nature of capitalism can we have a truly productive discourse on justice and freedom 


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