Twenty Seventeen

2016 is over. We have chased out what remains of that year, now little more than a bad memory, littered with the corpses of great people and what could have been. Brexit, Trump, the slaughter of civilians in Aleppo, Baghdad and Istanbul and not to mention what appears to be the rise of the nationalist reactionary movements in much of the developed world.

But we must remember to not personify and anthropomorphize 2016 as a sudden break that happened without preceding events that happened years in the making. If we, those of use who pursue the politics of liberation, progress and democracy, are to succeed, we must never give in to despair to give up hope. Remember that even Lenin thought the Great October Socialist Revolution, the 100th Anniversary of which we commemorate this year, was improbable just months before. Even if we don’t succeed, we will lay the groundwork and the foundation for our children and their descendants to carry on this great fight.

Let us never forget to strive for a better world, to keep pushing for a brighter tomorrow and to always anger whiny bigots along the way.


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