Socialism and Feminism

Capitalism, as a whole, is inherently exploitative, authoritarian and dictatorial. If we are to dismantle patriarchy because it is an illegitimate hierarchy, it then follows that capitalism, as an economic system that is based on illegitimate hierarchy, must be dismantled. The idea that patriarchy can be dismantled from within or reformed out of existence plays out about as well as attempts to reform capitalism out of existence. Parties that sought to reform capitalism into socialism are now all neo-liberal, centrist parties that perpetuate the very system they sought to dismantle. Witness how quickly Syriza went along with austerity. Similarly with feminism, this lead to capitulation and the gradual but inevitable abandoning of what feminism is, which is primarily the liberation of women.

Essentially, what is needed the complete abolishing of patriarchy in all its forms. It is impossible to reconcile feminist goals with bourgeois society. A revolutionary change of society is needed to bring this into affect. We shouldn’t just aim to change the facade of patriarchal exploitation but to tear it down completely!


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