Deadly Political Ideas and Ideology

Ideas can be dangerous. Reactionary political ideologies and Fascism are two, broadly speaking, ideas that are really dangerous and have no place in society. These are actual dangerous ideas.

But Communism and Socialism are dangerous as well. They are dangerous to the ruling class and to landed, wealthy elite. They are dangerous to the oligarchs, dictators, monarchs and to the capitalist leaders that serve the interests of those that own the means of production, the factories, mines, farms, office buildings and businesses, the bourgeoisie. In capitalist societies, working people have to sell their labour to capitalists in order to survive and in the process of labour, produce products that have value. The surplus value of this is stolen by the owners and executives to enrich themsleves to the tune of millions of dollars while the workers who did the actual work get a pittance in the form of wages. And even that is not always the case. Billions of dollars in wages are stolen from working people every year through wage theft and in the United States, wage theft is the most pervasive form of theft, more so than “conventional” theft.

Socialism represents liberation for the working class from the chains of capitalist tyranny. Socialism represents the idea that we, the workers of the world, can democratically and equitably manage our workplaces without the dictatorship of the executives and the board. Socialism is freedom from the artificial hierarchy of class society, from hunger, poverty, starvation and homelessness. A Socialist society, is egalitarian and just. And this society cannot be built on the foundations of capitalism, which are exploitation, ruthless competition and oppression. We must start all over again, necessitating a complete, revolutionary overthrowing of the old and replacing it with the new. Capitalism is a shaky, crumbling structure, stretched to its limits by its inherent contradictions and crises. Simply painting the facade a new colour changes nothing. The fundamental mechanisms and institutions remain untouched. Only through demolishing this exploitative, oppressive, authoritarian, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, ecocidal death machine and replacing it with socialism can we, as a species, create a more just, democratic, equitable society.


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