Reddit Rape Culture

Rape culture isn’t real, according to reddit dot com, yet redditors scrutinize rape victims, engage in victim blaming and put rapists and molestors up on a pedestal to be adored and worshiped. Rape jokes and jokes belittling those who survive such ordeals are routinely passed around like candy. Redditors have no doubt in their mind that it is not rape but false rape accusations that is the real problem and that those they assume are falsely accused of rape are the real victims, never mind he countless numbers of actual rape and sexual assault victims. Those people don’t matter. They’re all fake.

At this point, I don’t think reddit is ignorant of rape culture. I think reddit is actively complicit and is knowingly perpetuating it. They might not call it “rape culture”. They might say it’s just “healthy skepticism” of victims or just viewing rapists with an “objective lens” but it’s perpetuating rape culture nonetheless.


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