But I’m so Oppressed

Often times I’m posed this series question, usually by cishet white dudes:

if there’s gay pride, why can’t there be straight pride?

If there’s  a black history month, why not a white history month?

Why is there Black Entertainment Television and not White Entertainment Television?

Why does affirmative action exist?

And so on and so forth.

Where is there gay pride? Because straight people have not been historically marginalized and oppressed, denied marriage equality and protections from discrimination in the workplace and in housing. To make matters worse, in some countries, heterosexuals can even be put in prison, fined or executed just for being not heterosexual. Not to mention the heteronormative media that portrays non-heterosexual people as jokes and stereotypes and that is dominated by heterosexual couples.

The same goes with being black. Black people have been historically marginalized, made slaves and treated as property, then denied basic human rights like the right to vote, the right to adequate housing, education and economic opportunity. Denied basic services and infrastructure and a voice in popular media. Only now do we see that changing slightly but the paradigm remains the same. If you’re a cisgender, heterosexual white man, you’re the default. Everything is catered around your tastes and sensibilities. Everything revolves around you. That is why marginalized groups needed to eke out safe spaces where we are free to express ourselves without fear of being ostracized or having our voices drowned out.

Is there a straight pride? Yes. Just look wherever.

Is there a white history month? Yes. It’s 11 of 12 months on the calendar.

Is there a White Entertainment Television program? Yes. It’s every other channel.

Get my drift?


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