Free At Last (But the battle is going on again!)

As the United States celebrates having just passed marriage equality nationwide, I just thought on sharing some…interesting statistics and facts on the subject.

When Loving v. Virginia invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage, less than 20% of Americans approved of interracial marriage.

When Obergefell v. Hodges made same sex marriage a constitutional right under the 14th Amendment, over 60% of Americans supported same sex marriage.

But the fight for equality extends far beyond marriage.

Only 19 of 50 states have prohibitions against housing discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation with a further 3 prohibiting it only on sexual orientation. That leaves 38 states that have no protection whatsoever for LGBT people on housing.

The same 19 of 50 states prohibit employment discrimination in both the private and public sectors of employment. 2 others have similar laws but only on sexual orientation. A further 5 have anti-discrimination laws for the sexual orientation of state employees and another 5 have it for both sexual orientation and gender identity. New York state is somewhat unique as it private sector employees are only protected based on their sexual orientation but state employees are protected from discrimination on both sexual orientation and gender identity.

Here, if we were to be generous, it could be said that only 18 states have no protections for any LGBT employee but if we were to remove the states where this only applied to state employees, this would leave 26 states that have no protection for LGBT employees in the private sector.

These 19 states are:
– Washington
– Oregon
– California
– Nevada
– Utah (!)
– Colorado
– New Mexico
– Hawaii
– Minnesota
– Iowa
– Illinois
– Maryland
– Delaware
– New Jersey
– Connecticut
– Rhode Island
– Massachusetts
– Vermont
– Maine

And the District of Columbia.


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