Shitty Reasons

Everything happens for a reason. That’s what a whole bunch of people try to use whenever they are faced with adversity or challenges. Whenever calamity strikes, this phrase is bandied about like it’s going out of style. The justification is simple. It’s an attempt to people to grasp and understand the chaotic and unpredictable world we live. An attempt to maintain some semblance of control, some means by which we can predict what will happen. After all, there is a reason behind these string of seemingly random, unpredictable events.

But no-one ever said that something had to happen for a GOOD reason so it stands to reason that something can happen for a really, really shitty reason. And we have no way of knowing for sure if it’s good or bad.

We sometimes fail to see that random and unpredictable events are just that. Random and unpredictable. There’s no reason or guiding force. Just natural factors and random chance.


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