Mt Kinabalu

I find it interesting that there’s a whole heap of outrage over what the nudists on Mt. Kinabalu have done but not a peep on dictatorial powers of the ruling class or how poverty and starvation are not just tolerated but propagated by a system that allows a powerful few to amass huge sums of wealth and deprive many more of the basic necessities of life, from basic medical care to food, electricity and shelter. These people have directly, through their actions in propagating and enforcing wage slavery, robbing hard working people of the fruits of their labour, have killed thousands of people through starvation, poor nutrition, inadequate medical care, suicide and hazardous work conditions.

But getting angry at some 3edgy5me nudists and spreading some likes and retweets is far easier than the mass mobilization and direct action required in overthrowing this autocratic, plutocratic, oligarchical, transphobic, homophobic, misogynist, classist death machine known as capitalism and instituting an egalitarian, worker directed system of government.

Hold on…


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