Word Garbage

Word Garbage

The term word salad is used to define an unintelligible or nonsensical string of words and sentences. This is used mainly when a person thinks that the speaker or writer is attempting to communicate a point or an idea but is unable to do so because, to put it frankly, they’re nonsensical.

I feel the term is wholly inadequate for what I am about to describe and a new one must be coined for future use.

Word garbage.

Word garbage is any phrase, sentence, excerpt or collection thereof that makes light of a persons struggle, puts down marginalized groups, attempts to explain away systemic bigotry or privilege and/or condescending non-answers.

Or basically 90% of what SAWCSM (Straight, Able, White, Cisgender, Sexual Men) say.

It covers everything from mansplaining to dog whistle racism. It is a broad, encompassing and readily available for use.


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