Reddit FPH Drama

It has justed happened. Something that I once thought was impossible by any strech of the imagination. Something unthinkably improbable and incredibly remote. This should by no account be discounted or dismissed, especially by those who either watch social media or know the ramifications that social media can have on our lives.

What I’m speaking (Or typing) about of course is reddit administrators actually taking the needs of the broader reddit community into consideration.

For far too long, reddit has long prided itself a bastion of “free speech” with literally everyone and anyone given impunity to spread whatever ideas they want, say whatever they want and do whatever they want on their website. This, predictably, led to the blossoming of subgroups dedicated to the most vile, putrid forms of hatred possible, all protected under the guise of “free expression”. Everything from “PhilosophyofRape” to “coontown” and the so called “Chimpire” subs dedicated to racist pricks were protected and defended in this so called bastion of free expression while those who called them out on their noxious behavior were silenced and otracized. Reddit is now fertile breeding grounds and is indeed in some sense a recuitment tool for StormFront, especially given that Reddit is far more viciously and openly bigoted than StormFront. You don’t see people using the nslur or kslur on StormFront anymore, for example. They at least, want to keep up the veneer of civility. And its no accident that StormFront diatribes on African-American people are copy-pasted all over reddit and given incredible amounts of approval.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Recently, reddit has finally done the right thing. Not out of benevolence or for the greater good or any of that. They did it for the same reason they banned jailbait or thefappening any other noxious, toxic sub. Revenue. Turns out that corporations that want to look respectable don’t like people who openly sexualize young children or who openly attack and brigade the rest of the community. Make no mistake, this was done for purely financial reasons.

What was that action you ask? Well, to cut a long story short, the FatPeopleHate subreddit and other subreddits with a history of attacking and harassing other users on reddit have finally been banned. The largest of this of course being FatPeopleHate. Of course the “Freeze Peach!” warriors have come out of the woodwork, yammering about their right to spout unbelievably hateful bile at other people without a care in the world for its consequences and the number of misogynistic, racist attacks against Reddit CEO Ellen Pao have only increased since (I say increase because redditors are an incredibly misogynistic bunch and there have been sexist attacks on her before).

The banning of FatPeopleHate hopefully signals the beginning of the end of REddit’s long held laissez-faire, non-interventionist policy on their userbase and hopefully will lead to meaningful policing and placing real consequences on the actions of the bigots that infest the website.

Maybe one fine distant day, I can safely say that reddit dot com is no longer a toxic shitfest of a website.


2 thoughts on “Reddit FPH Drama

  1. Freedom of speech isn’t something you can draw a line in the sand over, because if you do you’ll violate someone’s rights, at lease in the governmental sense. I’m not a freedom hater and think a private website like reddit should work the same way. If you want those subreddits banned ban them for brigading, which nearly all of the racist are guilty of, including shitredditsays to shitstatistssay, both sexist/racist/hateful subreddits.

    Dont be such a pussy and want people choked and silenced because they say things that hurt your feelings, America wasnt founded on silencing people because some little baby got offended.


    1. This is honestly the best comment I’ve ever read. Thank you so much for posting it. This is top notch quality funny and while it doesn’t have the length of effort or a traditional LMBO or Effort Post, I’ll take what I’ve got.

      I’ll be sure to share this with the ladies at SRS. We’ll laugh at this while drinking the tears of redditors.

      Good luck fighting for Frozen Peaches and ‘MURICA!


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