As many of you should know by now Caitlyn Jenner has come out as transgender and this has had big media coverage and this has put trans people and trans issues into the spotlight. Normally, I’d be cool with this. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to communicate our needs and the issues that we face to the broader, cis community. Unfortunately, it had also lead to a backlash, mainly from right wing transphobes who feel the need to air their bigotry and ignorance of trans people, be it in newspapers, radio, TV or on social media. And this has driven me up the friggin wall.

Seriously, at least invest 5 minutes on google before spouting off whatever ignorant bullshit you feel is true or the frankly kindergarten level understanding you have of gender and gender identity. Chromosomes don’t determine gender. XY girls and XX boys exist. Genitals don’t determine gender. We’re far more than a penis or a vagina. No, gender-fluid, gender queer and agender people do exist. It takes no effort to actually acknowledge people instead of tearing them down.

AAAARRGH. I’m taking a leave off Facebook for the next week until the blatant transphobia dies down.


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