I got a fantastic little message in my inbox and this got me thinking.

As some of you might know, I am a big advocate of trans rights and I cannot stand the sort of disgusting transphobic bigotry that is allowed to fester on reddit dot com. About 10 minutes after I made my last post on SRS denouncing the ignorant bullshit that redditors seem to think about trans people, I got a wonderful little message from an enlightened redditor.

The contents of the message are thusly:

tslurs get raped and commit tslurcide

Do they have a transphobic username? Of course they do.

Do they make light of trans people and use transphobic slurs? Of course they do.

At this point in my life, I’ve come to accept that I’m more likely than not trans myself (Or at least, far outside the gender binary), so this is kinda churning up some really weird mixed feelings. I find it hilarious that some beardmad reddituer would take the time and energy to send a hateful, petulant PM like some angry, whiny child, I’m angry and horrified that people would hold such horrible beliefs about someone like me just because of my gender identity not being the same as theirs and I’m sad that apparently it’s still unacceptable to identity outside the gender binary or as a non-cis person in general.


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