International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Today is (Or for some, yesterday was), as the title suggests, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, the day where we remember and bring to attention the issues faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals all over the world and what we can do to combat them, be it through education, perusing new policies, voicing our own opinions and the mobilization of the LGBTQIA+ community against said issues. We must remember that in many countries around the world, being gay* or trans is still a crime, where gay and trans people are still imprisoned or even executed for simply being who they are and even in countries where it is legal, same sex couples are prevented from getting married, gay and trans people are thrown out of their homes by the people who are supposed to love and nurture them, left homeless, deprived of necessary services or employment simply because of their sexuality and/or gender identity. Even then, harmful stereotypes and societal ideas of LGBTQIA+ people beyond laws and legislature. The fight for equality continues world-wide.

This somewhat ties in to my previous post about how as a movement, we have to expand our scope beyond just marriage equality into equality in employment, housing, obtaining social services, etc.  I currently reside in the a country that is virulently against equality for LGBTQIA+ people, something that deeply saddens and worries me, as alloromatic asexual and trans/genderfluid person. However, IMO, we will not find solace within this framework which has only served to oppress and suffocate those who do not clearly fit within the gender binary or societal gender norms but only through a complete overthrowing and dismantling of this framework, can equality be achieved.

* Really being perceived gay is the crime so this encompasses same-sex couples including gay, bi, pan and alloromatic and homoromantic asexual people.


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