Fuck Reddit

Is it bad that whenever I see reddit’s poopy poop slurry, I feel like ripping out my laptop’s monitor and flinging it out my window? Because reddit’s poop slurry is getting fucking infuriating.

I am a regular poster on the Shit Reddit Says subreddit, a sub that is dedicated to compiling all of reddit’s horrible, shitty comments and putting it in one place. It ranges from outright defense of pedophilia, dogwhistle racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia and so much more. It’s deloprable just how little redditors seem to think of their fellow humans. I’m not just counting the people who post this nonsense, which probably runs into the thousands by now. I’m also including the people who upvote such comments, giving these people more attention and “credibility” that they deserve and especially those who are actually spending goddamn actual real life currency to give these people reddit gold for their deplorable, hideous comments. FUCK!

Redditors seem to not understand the amazingly difficult and hard to comprehend philosophies of “empathy” or “compassion”. It is hard for them to imagine not going a single solitary second without somehow dragging some marginalized group to be made targets of their HI-LARIOUS edgy joaks or to take the time out of their obviously busy schedule of praising racists and paedophiles to shit all over people who have an ounce of decency and empathy. You know, the “SJWs”.

Fuck reddit. Unless  the administrators of reddit are actually serious about taking a flamethrower to the bigoted and outright hateful subs that proliferate gigantic sections of the board and unless reddit takes decisive action against people who propagate what basically amounts to harassment and hate speech, this sort of bigotry and hate will only continue to fester.


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