The Real Racists?

Centuries of being treated literally as property? Eh.

Decades of being treated as second-class citizens at best deprived of the right to vote, housing, decent healthcare, employment among others? Eh.

Decades of poverty, high rates of unemployment, police brutality, explicit and latent racism, being treated with hatred and suspicion merely because of the color of their skin? Eh.

The death of yet another unarmed young black man triggering an uprising against a fundamentally racist system that leaves most black people impoverished, in poor jobs, unemployed or out of the work force entirely that segregates mainly poorer black people into poor neighborhoods with few public services and with little hope of a better life or a fundamentally racist justice system that arrests black people at rates far higher than that of white people, that incarcerates black people longer and doles out harsher punishments for the same crime, that places more black people on death row especially if the victim is white? Goddamn nslurs are the “real racists”!


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